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A person with Multiple Sclerosis signs in to to learn how to do research on the Internet. They select the virtual Classroom (Researching on the Web) that applies to their interest and log in. Using TutorsEdge vClass™ technology, the GenTutor provides an interactive, instructor-led learning environment delivered over the Internet. The vClass environment lets learners interact with experienced GenTutors -- and other students -- right from their computer at home.

GenTutor's virtual classroom keeps students engaged with full 2-way audio (even at bandwidth as low as 14.4Kbps), instant messaging and a shared, interactive whiteboard -- all in one intuitive, graphical interface. GenTutors can recreate the effectiveness of an interactive classroom in a real-time, safe and controlled environment.

In particular, the virtual classroom includes several leading-edge features and capabilities.

Class Management: Everyone in the classroom visually knows who is speaking, typing a message and using the whiteboard. However, all communication within the classroom is supervised, controlled and monitored by the GenTutor instructor. The GenTutor is aware of all raised hands, in order of being raised. In addition, s/he has the authority to grant permission, transfer instructor privileges, grant or remove privileges to all participants at once, poll students (yes/no and true/false) and remove students from the class if necessary.

Voice Over IP: Students and GenTutors can speak to each other through a standard microphone connected to the computer. TutorsEdge incorporates state-of-the-art technology that delivers incredibly clear and crisp audio -- on bandwidths as low as 14.4Kbps.

Instant Text Messaging: Students and GenTutors can also communicate using a variety of messaging capabilities including private messaging between student and GenTutor, one-to-one messaging between students and one-to-many messaging between students. The GenTutor monitors all messages.

Shared Whiteboard: In addition to being highly interactive, our proprietary shared whiteboard features easy-to-use and flexible tools for writing, drawing and erasing. The GenTutor can use the whiteboard to display PowerPoint slides in GIF format and JPG images. The GenTutor can also assign separate whiteboards to students or groups of students so they can work on different problems or questions at the same time. Objects on the whiteboard are dynamic and can be cut, copied, pasted or moved onto the same or different whiteboard.

Click here to see the TutorsEdge vClass™ demonstration.

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