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MSWatch® is an online program designed by Teva Neuroscience and SoftWatch Ltd. to provide a community and support in managing the daily challenges associated with multiple sclerosis.
The website has a number of features that may be valuable to MS patients and caregivers.
Home - The personalized Home page acts as a community center for activities and news for all MSWatch users. It provides a place for sharing and learning from each other. You can communicate with others by participating in Discussion Boards or the Chat Rooms. The Expert Sessions, Personal Stories, Humor Section and Tips depend on your input - feel free to click on the "Add your…" link at the end of each section on the Community page and submit your story, piece of humor or tip. Your contribution will be added to the Home page to be shared with others.
You can also check the White Pages to find other MSWatch users and send them messages. The Users Online list provides a list of users currently online - use this fun feature to send Flash Notes to others who are online! Your note will show up at the top of their MSWatch page.

Journal - The Journal is a place where you can type all of your thoughts and feelings. You can add new entries or read and print old entries at will. It is designed for you and you only.

Library - The library provides trustworthy information and news related to multiple sclerosis. It includes information about multiple sclerosis, Copaxone® and Shared Solutions™as well as an archive of the bi-weekly MSXpress newsletter, monthly Feature Stories and the on-line book 300 Tips for Making Life with Multiple Sclerosis Easier.

The Library also features a link to MS University. Brought to you by Teva Neuroscience, MS University is designed to resemble an on-line college for people who want to learn more about multiple sclerosis. The on-line classes and tests will help you learn more about the human body and MS. The simulated college campus will also guide you through additional features like the student bookstore, cafeteria and more!

Messages - MSWatch includes a medium for sending and receiving e-mail messages to and from other MSWatch users. The mailbox includes two primary sections: Incoming Messages (including New Messages) and Sent Messages. A Filed Messages box is also included to help organize the Incoming Messages according to the type of messages received. In order to view a letter received, click on the subject of the message that you want to open. You can then reply to the message, view related messages, and then file the message to return to the Incoming Messages page.

When a message is sent to you, you will have the option to receive a message of notification in your regular e-mail. You can then view the message by connecting to your secured MSWatch program, and opening the Messages section. See the Settings section for more information on email notification.

In order to write a new message, click New Message. Select who the message is to, enter your text and click Send.

* Please refer to How to Use the Messaging System for more information.

Planner - The Planner is only available to those diagnosed with MS or undergoing diagnosis. The Planner is the central tool for day-to-day monitoring of exercise, Copaxone injections and keeping track of your other personal activities such as appointments, medication, Dr. Visits, etc. Each time an event is entered, its icon is marked on the relevant date. You can click onanydate on the calendar to view the recorded events and the ‘Reminder’ list (if applicable) for that particular day on the left side of the Planner.

Each Planner Event has a specific role:

Copaxone Injection - Records your daily injections and monitors the rotation of injection sites.

Dr. Visits - Records important information related to your visits to the Dr. both before and after a visit.

Exercise* - Records all aspects of any physical activity that you do including the duration, distance and heart rate. It also can calculate the approximate calories burned from a specific exercise entered.

Health Notes - Record information related to changes in your health status including new symptoms, illnesses, relapses, hospitalization and mood.

Journal - An area where you can type anything you want. Use the Journal to record personal thoughts and feelings or simply as a note pad. (MSWatch Nurse counselors will not have access to this event).

Medication - Records the dosage, purpose and name of any medication that you take.

Memo* - Acts as a reminder for personal appointments, birthdays, calls etc. on a particular day. The message will show up on the appropriate day in the calendar. (MSWatch Nurse counselors will not have access to this event).

Reminder* - Acts as a reminder to log Planner events or to do personal tasks. Some Reminder messages can be added to the Planner from within other events. (MSWatch Nurse counselors will not have access to this event).

Therapies* - Record all types of therapy or counseling sessions.

Weight - Tracks your measures of weight.

Recording events as Plans - The events marked with an asterisk (*) can also be logged as a plan; if it is an activity that you will be repeating. Click the link at the bottom of the page. The Starting Date will appear according to the date that you entered the regular event. Enter the frequency and duration of the event that you will be repeating and click Submit. A new page appears; enter the appropriate hour that you will repeat the activity.

At the bottom of the page, you have the option to mark the 'planned' events as a Reminder in your Planner. If you check this option, the Reminder will appear in your Planner on the appropriate days and you can then click the Reminder to mark it as 'done' or to cancel it on the relevant date. If you do not choose to mark the Reminder in your Planner, the planned activities will appear as event icons in the Planner as if you have carried out these activities. You can then cancel or edit individual events if necessary by clicking on the event icon on the relevant day.

* Please refer to How to Use the Planner for more information.

More Options - MSWatch includes 6 other options: Graphs, Records, Personal Profile, Journal, Settings, & Help.

Graphs - There are currently 4 graphs: Weight, Weekly Summary of Copaxone Injections, Site Rotation of Copaxone Injections and Distribution of Persons Giving the Copaxone Injections. They allow you to view trends and changes in these areas once you have recorded weight or Copaxone events in your Planner.

Records - The Records section provides a summary of the events that you have recorded in the Planner. The Records event also features a Doctor Report that can be printed to bring to your physician for review during your visits. The Doctor Report can be printed for one specific event, a few selected events or for all medical events. The Report includes all information entered in the selected events. For example, here is what an Exercise event would look like on a Doctors Report:

Exercise - Feb 10, 2001 9:00 AM
Duration:0hr 30min
Score:3 miles
Heart rate:120
Notes:Need to get better tennis shoes soon.

Personal Profile - The Personal Profile includes the information you entered during enrollment. It has 3 sections: Demographics, MS and Physicians. Open each section by clicking on the section title and complete it or update it at your convenience. Be sure to keep your Personal Profile updated, if any of the recorded information changes. All information entered is confidential and will only be used in aggregated form, i.e., 75% of our members are female. For more information on how we may use your information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Settings - This section allows you to make a number of personal changes to the MSWatch settings. These settings include: Password, Email Notification, White Pages, Users Online, Auto-login, Time Zone, and Access Control (Copaxone patients can provide our MSWatch Nurse Counselors access to the medical events in your Planner).

Help - The Help section provides directions on how to use almost all of the tools in MSWatch.

Logout - Click "Logout" in the top-right hand corner of your browser window to close your Internet connection to MSWatch and logout your user name and password. This is a very important step to make sure nobody else can access your MSWatch account without your knowledge after you have left your computer area.

A Few Final Words - If you are new to the Internet… the various pages of the program are connected by links. Whenever a word is underlined or changes color as you move your cursor over it, it means that there is a link to another page. You will notice that when you put the cursor of your mouse on the underlined word, the cursor turns to a hand. Clicking on the word opens the link and the corresponding page.

How does MSWatch work? No need to worry if your computer crashes! The information you have recorded in the Planner will not be lost. MSWatch is an Internet-based program - your information is stored securely on an Internet server and not locally on your computer.

Click here to go to the website.
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